Snow Policy

It’s that time of year again! While we all love to run, jump and play in the snow, there may be some days where the weather may cause a change in our scheduled twirling classes. Because these times will require a great deal of quick communication, it is important that we be as prepared as we can be, and know exactly how this will happen!

Note: This policy also applies in the instance of other severe weather situations or emergent events.

Central Maine Twirling Corps Snow Policy:

  • On snowy days, or days where a storm is predicted to begin in the afternoon, a decision to hold classes or not will be made (with the support of the recreation department) around noontime.
  • An alert will posted to the website under “Twirling Class Updates” by 1:00pm. This will be in the box at the top of the page. 
    If classes are cancelled, a box and message like this will be at the top of the page (vs. the usual yellow box).
  • A short text/email notification will be sent via “Remind” to families subscribing to these alerts by 1:00pm. You can choose if you’d like to receive a text message or email and to which device/address. Please see information provided in class to sign-up for this service. Note: Due to the rapid changing of email addresses, cell numbers, and inconsistent access to technologies during the day, email direct from Andrea will not be used for these quick notifications.
  • A message will also be left at (207) 775-9079 with the same information by 1:00pm. You may call this number at anytime. (Please remember that this is my home number and any messages left during the day will not be received until after classes—if they are held—that evening).
  • Because I work full-time during the day, I am unfortunately not able to call each of our twirling families individually with class information. It is the responsibility of each twirling family to seek and be attentive to the communication I do get out to the entire program.  (If you are not able to check your email or call, please make arrangements with another family to get you this information on snowy days – thank you!)
  • Do not assume that because school is cancelled, twirling will be cancelled!  (Many times school is let out in anticipation of a storm that doesn’t pan out, or due to an overnight accumulation that is cleared by the afternoon so that we can twirl!)
  • As always, it is your discretion as to whether or not to attend classes on wintery days.  If classes are held though, there will not be a make-up class scheduled.

While I try my best not to cancel classes, because so many of our twirling families travel a great distance to classes (and me, too!), I do always put the safety of our twirlers and families first. 

Two snow days have been built into our calendar this year. Should a class be cancelled after these have been used, I will work with the recreation department to reschedule for the soonest day possible (which may mean a second class the following week, during school vacation, a Saturday, or at the end of the year).  This information will be communicated to you as soon as it is known.  Thank you for your patience!

With the cooperation of all our twirling families, I know these days will go as smoothly as possible.  Thank You in advance for your understanding, cooperation and flexibility when it comes to Maine’s winter weather! 😀