Main-E-Acts prepare for twirling Nationals

Main-E-Acts 2014 Team_Haltime Show Team_Lean on MeKENNEBEC JOURNAL/MORNING SENTINEL, Augusta — Competitive baton twirling has been a part of Megan Williams’ life for 16 years. She remembers being a student at Maranacook when her gym teacher told the class he would be using heart-rate monitors on them for the next half hour, and they could do whatever activity they wanted. While others played basketball, Williams asked if she could do twirling.

“He was hesitant, because he didn’t think it could get my heart rate up,” Williams said. “It was actually over the healthy rate the entire time.”

Williams and 12 other young women on the Main-E-Acts Baton Twirling Team are at the University of Notre Dame this week for the National Baton Twirling Association’s Grand National Baton Twirling Championships. Read More


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