Our Coaches

Coach Andrea

Since the age of 7, twirling has been a big part of Coach Andrea’s life. Andrea grew up in a small town in southern New Hampshire where she twirled, competed, performed, and coached locally, nationally and internationally through the end of her high school years. She then went on to further her education at Penn State, but her twirling days did not end. In college, Andrea had the very fortunate opportunity to perform as a part of the Pennsylvania State University Marching Blue Band for over 110,000 people each football game, as well as compete as a member and captain of the national champion Penn State Majorettes. While she has always loved twirling and performing, through her now over 20 years in the sport, nothing has given Andrea greater enjoyment than coaching and teaching young twirlers, and sharing all that baton twirling has given to her over the years.  Shortly after leaving Penn State in 2004, Andrea moved to Maine in pursuit of her career in public health, and in that move, was also given the unexpected and invaluable opportunity to assist in coaching the Capital City Twirlers, River City Twirlers, Main-E-ettes and Main-E-Acts. She also had the fortunate opportunity to help begin the University of Maine Majorettes as coach from 2010-2014.

Over ten years ago Andrea came to love twirling in Maine, and she is honored to be continuing the program as Coach and Director of the Central Maine Twirling Corps today. Andrea has a Master of Science degree in Health Communication from Tufts University, and outside of her time with the Central Maine Twirling Corps, maintains a full-time career in public health working to improve the health of Maine’s communities. Andrea is now a resident of Portland.